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Adaptive Comfort Clothing

Adaptive Open Back Sweat Pant, Cotton Fleece

Adaptive Open Back Sweat Pant, Cotton Fleece

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Unisex Adaptive Back Opening Pant, Wheelchair Pants, Easy On and Off


The ultimate staple in your adaptive back opening wardrobe. 

Need a little more warmth?

Introducing our Adaptive Back Opening Cotton Fleece Pants. The open-Back configuration designed for Wheelchair Accessibility. These Open-Back Pants are terrific for Non-Weight Bearing individuals, delivering exceptional ease of use. These specialized fleece pants are tailored for those facing reduced mobility, wheelchair reliance, or incontinence challenges.

The innovative design allows for swift, uncomplicated changes for individuals managing incontinence, without the necessity of assuming a standing posture. The dual-panel back flap is secured with adjustable dome closures, ensuring a secure adjustable fit. Coupled with a fully elasticized waist, these pants are constructed from premium, machine-washable Cotton fleece, ensuring both comfort and durability.

Adaptive Comfort Clothing Open Back Pants Product Features:

  • Easy Access Dressing - Dress from a Seated Position
  • Dignity/ Privacy - 2 Overlapping Privacy
  • Easy Closures -  Adjustable Snaps
  • Machine Washable - Cotton Fleece
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