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Adaptive Comfort Clothing

Adaptive Open Back Pant, Polyester Dress Pant

Adaptive Open Back Pant, Polyester Dress Pant

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Our unisex open-back pants, made from Polyester.

Designed with compassion in mind, these pants feature an elastic waistband for comfort and ease. They are thoughtfully created for individuals dealing with incontinence, allowing for quick adjustments using multiple convenient snap fasteners while keeping the wearer seated, sparing them from unnecessary discomfort. Moreover, we've included a back flap to ensure full coverage when standing. 

For caregivers who are taking on the noble task of assisting their loved ones, these open-back pants have been crafted to simplify the process. There's no need to lift the individual. The elastic band gently encircles the waist, and a generously-sized velcro strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit. 

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