What is adaptive clothiong?

Adaptive clothing are specifically designed clothing that addresses the specific needs of individuals that find it difficult to dress independently who may have physical disabilities, mobility challenges, or other conditions that may affect dexterity making it a challenge to put on or take off regular clothing. 

Adaptive clothing is invaluable not only for seniors who are affected by the natural aging process but also for ones who are recovering from surgeries and or injuries who need garments that won't interfere with bandages. As well as, for individuals with dexterity and coordination impairments, who benefit form clothing with simplified fastenings.

This type of clothing often includes features such as Velcro closures, Magnetic closures (not compatible with pacemakers), or larger openings to making it easier to put on and take off.  adaptive clothing aims to enhance comfort, accessibility and ease of use for those who may have difficulty with conventional garments.  

Overall,  adaptive clothing serves a wide range of people, providing practical and comfortable solutions to various unique needs.

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